Like all the best inventions, the POSIpot came from a moment of clarity in the quietest room.

It will make you change how you consider plastic, how you sell your plants and, yes, it is more work…but customers love it. Are you brave enough to make the changes?

The majority of environmental damage caused to the planet has happened since the 1970’s. BBC’s Blue Planet 2 made us consider the use of plastics, global warming and nature’s collapse and address our personal responses to these issues. As businesses, we have the power to make change happen.

The core of the POSIpot concept is not about demonising plastic. Plastic has had huge benefits for mankind since its inception in the 30’s in the form of Bakelite, but it has been the move from its use as a ‘tool’ to its unconsidered use as a ‘convenience item’ from the 1970’s onwards which has changed how we consume it, and has caused/is causing huge environmental damage.

It is not a understatement to say billions of plastic pots are produced every year around the world and that the vast majority are not recycled…so where do they go? Most recycled waste in the UK is incinerated or exported ‘out of sight’ to the Far East. New recyclable taupe pots are being rolled out but we do not see this as the solution for the horticultural industry going forward. We firmly believe reduce, reuse and then as a last resort, recycle.

Plastic pot usage has allowed for growing in UK gardens to become accessible to all over the last 40 years, but it is our belief that returning the plastic pot to the responsibility of the horticultural industry will allow for safe, sustainable management going forward, with continued ‘in-house’ use only. We must promote environmentally aware grass root nurseries to grow a diverse and healthy range of plants for UK gardens.

Our idea is simple and we use POSIpots in our own nursery and garden centre. Its just feels the right thing to do and our customers love it!

POSIpot has stopped 1000’s of pots from being wasted, it has allowed us to take control of our business’s biggest waste problem…plastic. Plastic as a growing tool is brilliant, but as a way to transport a plant from garden centre or nursery to home is a complete waste of material and does not make sense.