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POSIpot post Gardeners World

the response has been so massive and positive that we have all been blown away. We thought it right just to let you know where we stand.

The reality of POSIpot

It is important to understand the nature of the POSIpot. we designed and made it as a ‘plantable’ plant transportation device, you should not grow a plant in it as it will collapse. It exists to stop plant pots being needlessly produced purely for transportation, we reuse the pots until destruction and work with the adjoining school to clean, sort and grind them down to pellets when they are unusable.

Our customers Love it! We love using it!


When will they be ready to buy?

It needs to be said – We face a battle as want to see less pots, compost bags and general packaging produced by the home horticulture sector, we are not ‘on message’. We need to act independently now to bring this simple yet effective device to market so we aim to have POSIpots for sale online by the end of May


We made enough POSIpots in 3 sizes we use to take us through the start of the season. As a company (Edibleculture) we grow around 10,000 plants a year. We also plant heritage orchards in the winter which has given us the financial boost to realise the numerous projects we run… compost bag for life scheme, scoop and weigh, anti-slug mulches… etc


The black plastic pots we use to grow our plants are all square for maximising transportation space, they come in 3 sizes (we are not endorsing LBS in the links, other plastic pot suppliers do these pots… cheaper)


11cm wide by 12cm deep 1 litre capacity – the brand we like is Teku and we still have pots from 5 years ago… so, they last


A Square P9 pot – 9cm square and 10cm deep with a volume of 0.52 litres


Veg strip 20.2cm by 6.5cm – these are a different plastic from the above and not very good quality


We want to produce 4 more sizes some in a round form, this is where we are asking you what size pot do you need? Please let us know.

We are thinking Round P9, 1 litre and 2 litres and another larger square pot 11X11X21.5


How much is it going to cost?

Economy of scale is not a sexy subject, at the moment a POSIpot costs about 8p each because of smaller amounts of card is purchased and shorted cutting runs (cutting the shapes out). We are going to aim to sell each POSIpot for that amount with an added cost for label, handling and VAT..we think it will be around 12p a pot. Plastic pots cost around 4p each but the hidden cost is the environmental damage.


If it is successful and we produce large numbers, we are going to have a lesser margin and hopefully a small profit, this is going to be ploughed back into our developing projects.


We are going to work as quickly as we can and for this to work, we need your support and again thank you for seeing the potential in POSIpot.

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  1. Wow – you are amazing – what a brilliant idea – can’t wait to see them available to buy!

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