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Sustainable plastic use and the plastic lobby.

Its been exciting times for us, the peak of the season has passed and we have the time now to head out to growers and suppliers and shout about POSIpots. We never expected a instant rush to switch, its going to be a real tough one to challenge the structures that many growers have spent years developing within a very tough industry. Our motivation is to see POSIpot thrive as a business, why not! The best thing for me personally is seeing stacks of cleaned pots we don’t need to purchase next year, our accountant is pleased because we can put through our final big pot purchase as a capital expenditure. You can run a business on environmentally sound principles and make money.

I spoke to Friends of the Earth recently about another project we are starting at Edibleculture called Treecover. I spoke about disruptive products/concepts, the idea that pot manufacturers may have to make less pots, compost companies ditching peat and plastic, garden products like feed or seeds being sold by weight.. it is a challenge to those who have profited for decades from the convenience of plastics. They are a wealthy and organised lobby.. they will fight like hell to keep market share..

I still believe the only way to really change the industry is by legislation or punitive taxing. In the same way insulation or electric vehicles are supported green products should also attract lower vat, single use plastic needs to be so heavily taxed so its almost like tobacco.. the addiction of convenience needs to stopped and allowing companies, trade ‘charities’ and trade associations to self police wont truly address the issue. Like ridiculous taupe pots or claiming biodegradability of packaging the reality of what they promise is as wasteful and stupid as our plastics recycling system.

We are at the start of climate collapse and nature collapse is accelerating… nothing much is changing because the self regulating market is like a super tanker trying to turn.. when up in front is the jutting rocks of all our realities. We are heading off to 4 oaks this year (a big horticultural trade fair) and I hope we get challenged like mad.

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