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Things are rolling

Our first full season using POSIpots and the reaction is good, my concerns were around being able to construct the pots in situ but I have found it easy! I take around 200 plants in P9 and 1 litre pots to market and set them up on a table. I use the pots as signs for each type of plant, at the moment I am selling native bulbs and when a customer purchases I have a ready stack of about 20 POSIpots set up and primed with about a small level teaspoon of Mycorrhizal fungi.

The customer reaction is very positive, I tip the plant out over a tray to catch any bits, check the root then bring the POSIpot up to the rootball and drop it in. Its become a instinctive process and forget sometimes how different it is, the process is no slower than packing the plant in a bag like I use to.

When Gardeners world visited I felt really positive that what we were attempting on site was valid, the compost bag for life scheme is working with bags coming back and lots of positive feedback. Seeds and feeds are being weighed out and sold. We worked out that we sold and planted over 1000 fruit trees this winter and this is amazing for us. Orchards installed and happy customers. What more do you need.

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