Take your plants home plastic free.

Plastic manufacturers REDUCE the number of pots made and improve their quality, growers REUSE the plastic pots to grow more plants and gardeners RECYCLE the POSIpot used to take the plant home in back to the earth.

Calling all growers and sellers of plants! Our new version POSIpot Comes flat packed and satisfyingly pops together with a squeeze. Getting rid of single use pots one pop at a time..

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POSIpot is our answer to stem the tide of the 100’s of millions of plastic plant pots (and labels) being incinerated, sent to landfill or exported across the world to be ‘recycled’, all simply to transport a plant from shop to garden to be planted. POSIpot Allows growers to re-use plastic pots again and close the plastics loop, resulting in less better quality pots for life being made. Also, this means plant buyers don’t have to dispose of pots or store them for years and years! POSIpot can be planted in the ground or put in to your waste paper recycling.

POSIpot is not a pot to grow plants in. It is a specialist transportation sleeve exchanged for the plastic pot (used to grow the plant) at POS (point of sale).

Growers – take control of your single use plastics as a reusable tool!

POSIpots are proving themselves to be a real hit, not just with our customers, but with coverage on such programmes as Gardeners’ World and the ITN tonight program. POSIpot is a simple but effective means of answering customer demand for ‘no more plastic pots!‘ 90% of plastic pots are used simply to transport your plants from point of sale to planting. Usually, planting happens within 1 to 2 hours of the customer returning home, POSIpots shows a commitment to taking responsibility for what is a unnecessary element of purchasing plants.

In the domestic sphere 3% of plastic is recycled to produce a new product.. the technology or money isn’t there to sort them and the huge majority of used plastic pots are either incinerated, put to land fill or exported across the world to be dealt with.. then, more likely sent back to us which is happening as these countries don’t want our waste! We need to vastly reduce the number of plastic pots made in the first place and make them high quality ‘pots for life’

We do not need the 500 million pots in circulation every year in the UK. If growers work to re-position plastic pots as a purely a ‘in house’ tool by using POSIpot, only a third of those pots would need to be produced in the first place.

  • The plastic pots you re-use as a grower become a precious tool no longer a disposable item!
  • POSIpot© are flat packed, self assembled and used at point of sale.
  • The plant must be well rooted as you tip out the plant from the pot.
  • You will need to develop a internal recycling procedure for your shop or nursery including washing pots and disposing of broken plastic in a responsible way.
  • POSIpots can be used for round or square forms pots.
  • POSIpots are ideal for web sales.. it is the best plastic free method we have found.

POSIpot is one of many processes we are pioneering to disrupt the continued misuse of plastics in home horticulture. We pioneered a peat free ‘compost bag for life’ scheme with the support of Melcourt. We grow and sell a huge range of plants in Faversham, Kent. We also are the first company to plant orchards plastic free and use electric vehicles for fruit tree pruning and maintenance work in the winter months. We have taken a stand that ‘ it is now illegal to sell single use plastic as a product or packaging‘.

As growers ourselves it has meant nothing has changed in the growing process, we still use plastic pots.. we now have a robust process in place to sort, wash, store and reuse the plastics we have. We sell our plants in a busy shop and at time hectic market setting, we have listed to nurseries that use POSIpot and made construction so easy.. it just pops together in a fraction of a second.

We have small sample packs for sale or we can visit you or you are welcome to make a visit to us, we are based in Faversham, Kent. We are a specialist nursery and garden centre with strong links to the School we are based . Edibleculture has been running for around 5 years and we are constantly experimenting with new sustainable and ethical processes. We sell peat free, pesticide free and proudly plastic free.

Reduce, reuse and then recycle.. see POSIpot now!