POSIpot is a revolution in how we view plastic in horticulture.

When you buy a plant, you also buy a plastic pot… the pot is then your responsibility even if you have only used it to transport from shop to immediate planting. But, plant buyers are people who celebrate the environment and dislike plastic waste. Plastic is a precious and powerful tool, and POSIpotĀ© is the cornerstone of making plant buying ‘single use’ free. Growers clean and use plastic pots again and again, breaking the plastic chain at point of sale. Gardeners are not left with a un-recyclable pot.

What is the POSIpotĀ© made from?Flat packed POSIpots

Quite simply it is made from a specialist, easily compostable, UK produced, unbleached recycled cardboard. It has a slight sheen which slows water absorption from the interior which enables plants to sit outside of planting for about a week. When planted the exterior paper rapidly absorbs moisture allowing it to compost in the soil. Unlike coir even fine roots rapidly break through the POSIpotĀ© when planted.

Why do we need POSIpots?

POSIpot allows us to save 100’s of millions of pots being pointlessly made only to eventually be sent to landfill or incineration..its that simple.

We need radical, revolutionary processes now to stem the tide of plastics…

Our Motivation

In our opinion, the majority of environmental damage caused to the planet has happened in the last 70 years. BBC’s Blue Planet 2 made us consider the use of plastics, global warming and nature collapse and address our personal responses to these issues. As individuals and businesses, we do have the power to make change happen.

The core of the POSIpot concept is not about demonising plastic. Plastic has had huge benefits for mankind since its inception in the 20th century in the form of Bakelite, but it has been the move from its use as a ‘tool’ to its unconsidered use as a ‘single use item’ from the 1970’s onwards which has changed how we consume it, and has caused/is causing huge environmental damage.

It is not a understatement to say billions of plastic pots are produced every year around the world and that the vast majority are not recycled… so where do they go? Most plastic pots currently will either go to landfill or by incinerated as part of domestic waste collections. High quality plastic ‘pots for life’ need to be UK made from recycled material . We firmly believe reduce, reuse and then as a last resort, recycle.

Plastic pot usage has allowed for plants in UK gardens to become accessible to all over the last 40 years, but it is our belief that returning the plastic pot to the responsibility of the horticultural industry will allow for plastics safe, sustainable management going forward, with continued ‘in-house’ use only for growing.. not as a transportation device.

Our company Edibleculture, has pioneered innovations around changing horticultural practices around plastics, as well as POSIpots we have the UK’s first compost bag for life scheme, focused on bareroot plant sales in winter months, sell products by weight or volume in recyclable containers. We are growers with a massive dislike for needless waste and environmental damage the horticultural industry has caused.. we decided to take control and try something new and it works for us.

Our idea is simple and we developed POSIpots in our own nursery and garden centre. Its just feels the right thing to do and our customers love it!

POSIpot has stopped 1000’s of pots from being wasted, it has allowed us to take control of our business’s biggest waste problem…plastic. Plastic as a growing tool is brilliant, but as a way to transport a plant from garden centre or nursery to home is a complete waste of material and does not make sense. A significant portion of any money made from POSIpot sales is going to be used to develop recycling project within the School we are based.


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