Square Pot – 8.5cm (top lip measure) by 8.5cm bottom by depths from 10cm

Round Pot – 9 to 10 cm circumference by 8.5cm depth

0.52 litre volume


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Our P9 Posipot is great for transporting all types of plants.. it is one of biggest sellers, we use it for herbs and perennials. Made from specialist recycled cardboard our POSIpots pop up from flatpack, the whole plant and pot can be planted in the ground. The option exists for the sleeve to be put in to household recycling.

Outside of the ground the P9 POSIpot can hold a plant for about 2 weeks and when watered holds together well.

P9 Posipot can be used on either round or square grown plants, its so simple, for round pots you don’t need to crease the sides.

POSIpots for Plastic Free

Designed and made in the UK every effort has been made to responsibly source all materials.

We know your customers will love not having to take another plant pot home!

Square Pot – 8.5cm (top lip measure) by 7cm bottom by 8cm depth – We use it on 9 X 9 X 9 or 9 X 9 X 8 like these

Round Pot – 9 to 10 cm circumference by 8cm depth

POSIpots do not exactly match the exterior dimensions of the ‘mother pots’ they are based on, POSIpots do not need the lip or drainage holes you normally get with a plastic pot. Generally people do need need to water a POSIpot plant.. it can take a few waters but it is not a plant growing pot!

Contact us for larger than 2000 orders

We are more than happy to send sample packs and to talk through processes with you, it is a revolution in how you handle plastics and for us the customer feed back has been amazing. It feels the right thing to do!

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm


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